ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certified

Procedural Based Production

Each process within our company is fully controlled and monitored. Detailed flow charts outline procedures and are regularly reviewed for adequacy and accuracy

Quality Control

The products we produce go through various stages of approval and quality control. From the initial inquiry from our customers, to the receipt of final product, your order is reviewed by numerous people for quality. Our services are tracked through regularly distributed customer surveys which are closely monitored by our management team.

Training Procedures

Our team is fully trained in all aspects of their job functions. New employees go through training and results of their training are closely monitored and reviewed.

Approved Automotive Supplier

Our ISO:9001 certification sets our manufacturing facility apart from others in the industry. For those customers that require ISO certification and have a need for screen printing, sewing or embroidery, MacKellar is the preferred vendor.



Audited Processes

Routine audits ensure that our processes are always up to date and accurately reflect our procedures. The auditing of these processes and procedures also ensure that we are always improving and enhancing as the industry and its technologies continue to advance to new levels.