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MacKellar Associates Inc.

MacKellar Associates Inc.

Decorative Solutions


The electroform process produces a highly detailed, jewel-like appearance capable of achieving a wide range of complex shapes, curves, finishes, patterns and textures. MacKellar has been a representative of world leaders in such high quality nameplates specializing in interior jewels, medallions, badges, logos and emblems.

Chrome Plating

MacKellar’s electroplating product portfolio includes door handles, knobs, grill and hood shields, mirror scallops and covers, name plates - and other interior/exterior chrome applications in various finishes.

Aluminum Badging

As an industry leader in aluminum wheel covers, sill plates, and interior emblems, MacKellar’s principal portfolio has expanded to include engine badges, sill plates, and steering wheel badging.

Interior/Exterior Painting

MacKellar’s “Painters” are Class A with a combined dedication to interior and exterior automotive parts, as well as domestic appliances and consumer electronics. Painting processes include high-gloss and mid-gloss on plastic or metal parts.

Screen Printing

Industrial screen, flexo, digital printing, and especially In-Mold Electronics capabilities, coupled with flexibility, quality and customer service are the cornerstones of MacKellar.

In-Mold Decorating

In-mold decoration (IMD) is the preferred way to decorate plastic products. MacKellar's decorating specialists can facilitate production more efficiently by eliminating the need to change the resin in a molding machine to accommodate a new color.


Thermoforming is a means of shaping a thermoplastic sheet to conform to the contour of a mold using heat and pressure, either positive or vacuum. MacKellar’s thermoforming experts will take the formed part to a trimming process to eliminate edges, decorated, and/or fabricated into an end-use article.

Non-Decorative Solutions

Injection Molding

Commitment to producing the highest quality injection molded products has been MacKellar’s experience from initial design concepts to delivery of cost-effective solutions.