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MacKellar Associates Inc.

MacKellar Associates Inc.

Bringing Lifetime Cuddles to Mojo Gives you a Baby Contest Winners

(Pictured: Our first arrival involved twins, Mason and Max)

The Blanket Lady team originally learned about the Mojo in the Morning Baby Contest when an employee was listening to 95.5 on her commute into the office one morning. “I reached out to Barb MacKellar (our blanket lady) upon arriving to the office,” stated Karen Lemieux, Marketing Representative. Barb replied with excitement and said, “What an interesting contest, definitely we can give them blankets.” Lemieux then reached out to Shannon Murphy from Mojo in the Morning (99.5FM) and mentioned that our team agreed to provide a custom crib blanket for the new arrival(s). In just a few days of communicating, the concept was born. We are currently in our seventh year providing custom crib blankets to the winners of the very popular Mojo “Gives You a Baby” Contest winners.

About the Contest: IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers teamed up with Mojo in the Morning and Channel 955 to give couples a baby. For those who have been struggling to get pregnant, this contest helps add a little bundle of joy to their family. IVF Michigan Fertility Center is aware that experiencing difficulty in conceiving can be stressful, emotionally and financially, and they do their part to help local couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Dr. F. Nicholas Shamma is a founding member of IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers, founder of Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency, and one of the leading reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists in Michigan and Ohio.

Thanks to Dr. Shamma, if there are couples who have been struggling to get pregnant, Mojo is here for them by promoting the contest that awards three winners each year with the services of IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers. And, The Blanket Lady team is thrilled to bring lifetime blanket cuddles to those baby contest winners. The family will receive a complimentary custom crib blanket (value $72) with their baby’s name and birthdate knitted on the bottom. Our blankets are keepsakes, and we even have Shannon Murphy’s, “Mojo in the Morning” on Channel 955 Detroit, stamp of approval.

“I received a bright pink blanket from my girlfriends after the arrival of my daughter and it was truly one of my favorite gifts. It's such a fun, unique, personalized item that was so different from anything else we received. I use it ALL the time, especially when I need something to keep her toasty in her stroller while taking walks outside or through the mall. And since receiving it, I've given blankets as gifts several times and they're always a hit!”

About The Blanket Lady: In 1978, Barb MacKellar began knitting heirloom-quality baby blankets as a hobby to soothe her nerves as her oldest son spent countless hours in the hospital, receiving treatment for a congenital heart condition. Thankfully, Barb’s son grew and flourished as did her hobby. As many of her friends welcomed babies to their families, Barb knitted blankets for each new addition. Then friends of friends started asking for blankets of their own. When strangers started calling her house, requesting to speak to “The Blanket Lady,” a business was born.

In the late 1990’s, Barb moved her knitting machines out of her basement and into her husband’s company’s manufacturing facility in Rochester Hills, MI where she continues to work today as a division of MacKellar Associates, Inc. Today, people from all over the world, who received blankets as babies, are now ordering them for their own children. After 44 years, The Blanket Lady continues to hand-finish each custom blanket, taking as much pride in the blankets made today as those knitted decades ago.

The Blanket Lady is not affiliated with Mojo in the Morning, Channel 955 Detroit, or IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Center. (Pictured: Our first arrival involved twins, Mason and Max)

Submitted by : Karen on Wed, 01/04/2023 - 09:35