Manufacturers' Representative Testimonials

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Promotional Products Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with them for the last three years and their abilities never cease to amaze me. MacKellar's knowledge of the market and their ability to know what the client wants makes customers feel comfortable with them. Their flexibility and attention to detail has allowed us to make some excellent choices as customer gifts and give always. MacKellar has one goal in mind and that is to make sure the customer is happy with the product and the services they offer. In efforts to support my projects, they have always gone over and beyond what is expected from them. Many times I have been given the task to select some marketing items for an event at the last minute. Each time, MacKellar was able to assist me to meet my deadlines with no issues at all. Because of this excellent service, I have had the pleasure to pass their contact information on to many of my co-workers, each one has also been very pleased with the service they have offered. I am very pleased with all of the services, products and personal attention we have received from MacKellar and would recommend them to anyone.

Semea Holland
Sales Coordinator, GKN

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Custom Decorating Testimonials

BCN has been a customer of MacKellar for 6 years and they have always been responsive and friendly. Pricing is always right where it needs to be – this is especially helpful when budgets are cut. Turnaround time is phenomenal – once we ordered silk screened shirts and had them delivered in less than 3 days.

Blue Care Network of Michigan

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The Blanket Lady Testimonials

My 3-year-old twin boys are ‘all about cozy things’ and The Blanket Lady’s blankets are just that, cozy… stylish, soft, and unique I cannot think of a better gift! The fact that they are made in Michigan with such love, warms my heart!

Kristy Kurjan
Owner, KPO Creative LLC

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