Manufacturers' Representative Testimonials

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Promotional Products Testimonials

As always, I am impressed with our service from MacKellar Promotional Marketing. When I need something quickly, our Account Manager jumps on it and hand holds it to ensure that it is done to my satisfaction. I needed USB flash drives and not only could they meet my extremely short deadline, they were able to get me the best pricing. When I opened the box and saw that each drive was individually boxed, I was pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful that everything turned out perfect. MacKellar is great, and the excellent customer service is the best. Thank you!

Sara Nolan
Marketing Services Team Leader, Trijicon, Inc.

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Custom Decorating Testimonials

BCN has been a customer of MacKellar for 6 years and they have always been responsive and friendly. Pricing is always right where it needs to be – this is especially helpful when budgets are cut. Turnaround time is phenomenal – once we ordered silk screened shirts and had them delivered in less than 3 days.

Blue Care Network of Michigan

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The Blanket Lady Testimonials

I received my blanket in the mail a couple of days ago and just delivered it to my friend yesterday. The joy and smile your blankets and accessories bring to people is exceptional and I just want to say that every time my dad or my mother or myself have purchased blankets from you it is the same response from everyone. Your delivery is always on time if not early and the quality is perfect. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that and say thank you!

Matthew Shouneyia

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