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MacKellar Associates Inc.

MacKellar Associates Inc.

MacKellar Celebrates 100 Years with a Message from VP

Mackellar was born in 1923.

MacKellar turns 100! Over the next 12 months, this milestone birthday will be celebrated across employee, customer, principal, and community touchpoints – from special events and activities to promotional gift packages and community outreach programs. MacKellar’s mission not only reflects on our proud past as a fourth generation, family-owned business, but positioning the company for growth, identity improvements, and reinforcement of value & commitment that we bring to our people, partnerships, and community.

A Message from the VP:

"Happy 100 Years MacKellar Associates!!! It is an amazing feeling to be connected to my Father, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather as a 4th generation owner. I am so proud of all the individuals who have impacted the success and longevity of MacKellar. Thank you to all our Employees, Customers, Vendors, and Principals both past and present, you have had a profound impact on myself and our Family!" - Andrew MacKellar, VP 

Submitted by : Karen on Fri, 01/06/2023 - 10:22